The Best Bare Root Fruit Trees For First Time Planters? Our Three Favorites

It is January and another bare root fruit tree season!  As always we have many choices, from Apples to Walnuts and everything in between - unusual and unique to tried and true. Browsing the huge selection of bare root we have at the store can be overwhelming. We get tons of questions. We are often asked...

"What are the best bare root trees for first time planters?"

So today I want to offer you my top three recommendations for getting started with planting bare root trees. For first timers Apple, Plum, and Persimmon are good choices. See why below!

Apple, Plum & Persimmon Trees

All three fruits do well in and around the Santa Cruz area, as well other similar climates. They produce reliably and heavily, and tend to need less pest management than other fruit trees.  All three will benefit from regular irrigation, fertilizing, and pruning. See our guide to planting a bare root fruit tree for tips on how much water and fertilizer a new bare root fruit tree needs.

Comparing Apples, Plums & Persimmons

Chill Requirements: Apples and Plums have a wide range of needed chill hours, and Persimmons have low chill requirements.

Pollination: Many Apples and Plums need a pollinator, some are self-fertile, but in general all will produce heavy yields with a pollinator. Persimmons do not need a pollinator, although some produce different fruit if pollinated.

Variety: Apples and Plums have many varieties from which to choose, creating a full spectrum of flavors, colors and harvest times. Persimmons, however, are less varied with two main varieties.  In the spring Apples and Plums are fantastic in flower, while Persimmons have awesome fall color.

Note: Planting and caring for bare root trees and other nursery plants is heavily dependent on not only your regional climate, but also your local and hyper-local climates and conditions - it even matters where you plant the tree on your property depending on how much sun the tree will get, among other factors. We would love to help you make the most informed and successful choice when choosing what, where and how to plant! Ask us your specific questions by email, or visit our Nursery at the store - we'd love to chat!

Over to You

We're happy to have a beautiful variety of bare root fruit trees in stock for the winter season, but more importantly we're excited to be starting another year's worth of conversations with folks like you about what, where and how to plant these lovely trees. 

The recommendations above apply generally to our climate here in Santa Cruz, a Mediterranean style climate on the West Coast. We'd love to talk with you about your unique local climate and conditions so that you can make the most successful, delicious and beautiful bare root fruit tree choices!

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