Our Must Have List of Fermentation Supplies for Beginners

Fermentation: A Healthy & Historic Tradition

Pickled & fermented foods have been around for thousands of years, with historic figures like Julius Caesar & Cleopatra known to have eaten them for beauty and strength.

During the last few decades, the importance of fermented foods has fallen out of the public mindset, but thanks to folks like Sandor Ellix Katz, the fermentation revivalist and author of the book The Art of Fermentation, more and more folks are starting to enjoy the benefits of fermented foods once again.

It's part of our mission here at Mountain Feed to help you be inspired to get closer to your food.That's why we've put together this must-have list of pickling & fermentation supplies - so that you can be crunching into your first delicious bite of sauerkraut, kraut chi, fermented pickles and more in no time!

Our Must-Have List of Pickling & Fermentation Supplies

1) A Good Book!

The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Elix Katz is the considered the bible of fermentation books and is a must-read for any fermenter. It's also great for folks that want to learn before they dive in; however, it does not include specific recipes. An excellent fermentation recipe book is Real Food Fermentation by Alex Lewin.

2) A Pickling & Fermentation Jar Kit.

Fermentation can be scary to a beginner. Mold, yeast, bacteria? A Perfect Pickler kit for a mason jar or XL Kit for a 1-2.5 gallon jar is a great way to start fermenting in small batches. These kits almost eliminate all of the usual suspects when it comes to fermentation fails.

3) Mason Jars.

The most cost-effective vessel to pickle or ferment in is a mason jar. One of the easiest things to ferment in a mason jar is sauerkraut. Mason jars allow small batches to test out different recipes and when your ferment is complete you can just twist on the lid and pop it in the fridge. Plus, they are clear so you have a good visual on what is going on with your recipe at all times.

4) Good kitchen tools.

A stainless steel bowl, measuring spoons and cups and lots of kitchen towels. These items are essential for clean preparation and sticking to your recipe. 

5) Good pickling salt.

Salt is essential to pickling and fermentation. Whether using the vinegar brine method, a dry-salt fermentation method or a salt brine method your salt is the most important ingredient. Choose a salt that is not iodized and free of other minerals. A pure sea salt, celtic salt or pickling salt is a good choice. View our selection of salts here.

Everything You Need in the Pickling & Fermentation Department

There are many brands and options when it comes to fermentation equipment. We offer a variety of items based on our experience with the quality of the items. Check out pickling & fermentation department to check out everything we have to offer, from fermentation kits to pickling crock, supplies and more.

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