In-Store Departments


We carry a full line of organic, standard and heirloom vegetable and herb starts and fruit trees, from full-size to semi-dwarf. Plus seasonally bare-root. We also carry a wide variety of ornamental, drought tolerant, California native, and deer resistant plants, climbers, succulents, shade-lovers, and everything else in between. In addition to all of your favorites, we also offer plenty of unique, hard-to-find plants that are sure to attract lots of attention—from your neighbors and from pollinators.

Garden Supply

We specialize in organic garden and farm supplies. We love to see our community of gardeners flourish. Mountain Feed is also proud to carry a full line of soils and fertilizers for your indoor or outdoor garden. We sell only the best organic soils in both bags and bulk, including Gardener & Bloom, Foxfarm, Sunland, Black Gold, roots Organic, Promix, and many many more. We even sell full size totes with over a yard of soil in each. We also stock bulk worm castings from a variety of suppliers.

Bee Keeping

Your one-stop-shop for everything in the apiary. We stock a full line of hive equipment, unassembled or assembled brood boxes, honey supers (deep and medium, 8-frame and 10-frame), assembled frames, foundations (crimpwire and plastic), telescoping and copper lids, inner covers, bottom boards, hive stands, entrance reducers, smokers, hive tools, brushes, mite control, beekeeping apparel, books, bee's wax, candle making supplies and more. You name it, we probably have it.

Gift Shop

Our gift shop is the least-utilitarian part of our store, and that's just the way we like it! We carry hundreds of wonderful and unique gifts for any occasion, including jewelry, watches, handbags and purses, handmade local soaps and lotions, cards, gifts for the baby, and so much more. It's one part of our store that you really have to see to believe! We offer gift certificates and gift wrapping. We also stock a variety of Mountain Feed merchandise for the whole family!

Pet Food Supply

We offer a wide selection of natural and organic pet foods for both dogs and cats. We try our best to stock as much variety as we can, but in some instances we may only have a limited selection of some brands. Be sure to call to check availability or to place a special order.

We also carry a wide assortment of toys and treats, collars, leashes, bowls, litter and litter boxes, carriers, shampoos, treatments and all your pet essentials!

Livestock Feed and Supply

Feed is how we started, and it's still what we do best! We've got every type of feed you'll need for your ranch or homestead, whether you're raising chickens and goats or boarding horses. We also carry a convenient selection of livestock supply, including feeders, supplements, liniments, brushes and combs, egg cartons, egg turners, heat lamps, incubators, nesting boxes, animal health management tools...and so much more. Way too much to list.

Hardware & Infrastructure

Mountain Feed has over an acre of land dedicated to all types of infrastructure you'll need on the farm or homestead and an extensive Hydroponics and Aquaponics equipment department. Way too much to list. Please call with specific questions or special orders.


As you can see from the extensive selection in our online store we also specialize in homestead housewares. What does that mean? Well, we carry everything you could ever need to make the food you produce into delicious edible goodness and preserve it in every way. From canning supplies, cheese making supplies, pickling and fermentation supplies to sausage making equipment and food dehydrators. We have dozens of styles of canning jars from many manufacturers, stoneware fermentation crocks, USA made Meat Grinders and books on hundreds of homesteading and culinary subjects. Our store in Ben Lomond has thousands of these items on display. And, as always if you don't see it on our shelves there is a chance we have it in back stock or can get it for you from one of our hundreds of vendors. Give us a try!