Workshops & Events

Ideas To Reduce Your Plastic Use
Sunday, April 14, 2019
11am-1pm, $20/per person
Held at Mountain Feed & Farm Supply
Plastic has become a dangerous convenience in our modern world, and contaminating water, air, and soil. Many municipalities, including our own, are no longer able to recycle plastic and send it straight to the landfill. But many of our favorite foods come wrapped in plastic, and plastic is so useful to have on hand for storing leftovers. What to do?! Come to our class! An unusual hybrid of subject materials, this class will demonstrate the method for making dairy ferments such as yogurt and sour cream at home, thereby reducing plastic waste from the containers they are sold in. We will also learn to make the increasingly popular beeswax wraps, a reusable alternative to plastic wraps, that can be used to store bread, cheese, leftovers, and more. Bring your reusable water bottles and your vision for a sustainable future!
Please note that this is a demonstration and participants will not be making their own wraps to take home.
compost classCompost: How to Break it Down
Sunday, April 28, 2019
$20/per person

A class for the compost-curious, this class will break down all you need to know to safely and effectively turn your backyard green waste and kitchen scraps into a useful soil amendment. Compost is used in the garden to increase soil health, water retention, and drainage, as well as a source of slow-release nutrients. This 1-hour talk will explore how to build and manage a compost pile, what can safely be composted at home, the differences between hot and cold composting, how to exclude pests and eliminate odors, and how to use the finished compost in the garden. When class is over, you’ll want to rush right home and start building your own compost pile! Grab a pitchfork, and dig into compost.

Beginning Beekeeping Intensive
$119/per person
We are offering a two-part series to help prepare you to be a successful beginning beekeeper. 
Part One: Lecture 3/30 @ Mountain Feed, 10am-2pm
Part Two: Apiary 4/6 @ Karla's Apiary, 10am-1pm
Part Two: Apiary 4/13 @ Karla's Apiary, 10am-1pm
Part Two: Apiary 4/27 @ Karla's Apiary, 10am-1pm

Refunds on classes will not be given without 72 hours notice.