Lime Sauerkraut Recipe

What You'll Need

  • Jar-Top Fermenter (Pickle Pipe)
  • Weight (Weck Jar Lids work great!)
  • Quart size Mason Jar
  • 2 lbs fresh green cabbage, finely shredded
  • 2 tsp sea salt
  • Zest and peel of 2 limes

This kraut crossed the Atlantic ocean, and the wide North American continent, before it headed south, to Mexico. Lime kraut finds its true home on tacos, adding a tart snap and a fresh twist to a meal. The extra juice from the limes makes it a good choice for out of season cabbage, when cabbage can have less moisture due to evaporative loss in the field, and the added acidity helps set the ferment off in the right direction in the warmer weather.  Makes 1 quart of kraut.


Chop the cabbage to the desired consistency, discarding the hard white center. 

Sprinkle the cabbage with salt and massage until the texture softens, and juice begins to run from a handful of squeezed cabbage.

Rhubarb Lime Ginger Kraut

Rhubarb Lime Ginger Kraut

Add the zest and juice of 2 limes.

Rhubarb Lime Ginger Kraut

Rhubarb Lime Ginger Kraut

Toss to mix all ingredients. If you like, you can add a finely diced red jalapeno, or some chile flakes or powder, for a spicy kick.


Pack the young kraut into a quart-sized mason jar; you should have plenty of brine, since the lime juice adds a lot of moisture to the mix.

Rhubarb Lime Ginger Kraut

Weight the kraut; here, we show you our little secret: small Weck jar lids make excellent pickle weights.

Rhubarb Lime Ginger Kraut

Secure the top with a jar-top fermenter of your choice; here, we are using the new silicon Pickle Pipe.

Place out of direct sunlight at room temperature, and allow to ferment for 2 weeks, or until the desired flavor is reached,

Rhubarb Ginger Kraut recipe

When your kraut reaches the desired flavor, screw on a lid and refrigerate.


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