How Does Sanitation Work? Tips for Clean, Safe & Tasty Brewing

Sanitation is of vital importance during all steps of the brewing process.

Even brief contact with the air can result in contamination from dust and wild yeasts. For that reason it is especially important to do all bottling and racking procedures in as clean an environment as possible.

A Clean Working Area is Essential

Make sure the area you are working in is clean, and try to limit air flow as much as possible; no open windows nearby and no fan, no sweeping or vacuuming in the same room as your brew during any part of the process.

Sanitize All of Your Equipment, Always

Sanitize all of your equipment before you need to use it.

For the racking and bottling procedures, this will mean swishing a sanitizing solution, such as Star-San or Iodophor, around inside the carboy, as well as running the same solution through the siphon hose.

Sanitize During Bottling

Rinse all bottles in sanitizer, and soak the caps in a bowl of sanitizer before applying them - unless you're using bail top bottles of course. Cap each bottle as soon as it is filled.

The Cleaner Your Process, the Better Your Brew

Remember, always consult a recipe and a trustworthy home brewing book when brewing anything at home, and always make sure to sanitize well and often!

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