Chevre Goat Cheese Recipe - Video Workshop

What You'll Need

  • 1/2 gallon of goat's milk that has not been Ultra-Pasteurized 
  • Chevre Starter Culture
  • The garnish of your choice (herbs, jelly, whatever you like!)


1) Heat Your Milk to 86 Degrees

First thing is to take a half gallon of fresh goat’s milk, that has not been ultra-pasteurized, and heat it in a double boiler to or water jacket to 86 degrees Farenheit.

2) Add the Chevre Starter Culture Packet

When it reaches 86 degrees, remove it from the heat, and add the chevre starter culture packet. Let the culture rehydrate for two-minutes, and then top-stir it to make sure it’s well mixed.

3) Let the Cultured Milk Stand for 12 Hours

Cover the cultured milk, and let it stand at 72 degrees for 12 hours. I usually leave it overnight.

4) Hang & Drain the Curds for 4 to 8 Hours

Once the time has passed, ladle the curds into a butter-muslin lined colander, or convenient cheese bag like the one I'm using. Hang the curds and let drain for 4-8 hours.

5) Refrigerate or Prepare for Serving

When desired consistency is reached, refrigerate or prepare for serving. I love to serve my chevre rolled in fresh spices or herbs, with fresh jelly, or simply with a nice garnish. However you like it, it’s a great addition to any table, easy to make, and a lot cheaper than buying it at the store.

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