6 Unique Homemade Canning Jar Gift Ideas

Coming up with a great gift idea can be one of the hardest things to do. There are so many options out there, and everyone is different. What if they don’t like it? What if they can’t use it? Luckily, I’ve found the secret to giving great gifts - make it at home!

Everyone loves a homemade gift. They’re more personal, fun and just plain awesome. So today I’m going to share with you 6 ways to make my favorite homemade gift - a decorative canning jar filled with a pleasantly scented homemade cosmetic or delicious homemade food!

Whoever you give one of these cool jars to will love the gift, I promise!

We've Got You Covered

Here at Mountain Feed we pride ourselves in our knowledge of all things homestead - that's how we got the nickname, “The Sustainable Living Convenience Store”. But it’s not always about serious preserving around here. The holiday season means gift giving and for us it means gift making! A canning jar is the perfect vessel for a handmade gift. We stock hundreds of canning jars in all shapes and sizes. 

If you visit our online Home Canning Department or our in-store Homestead Housewares Department, you enter the pantry and see shelves lined with short fat sauce jars, tall skinny asparagus jars, round quilted jelly jars, slender juice jars and more. 

Which Jars Make the Most Awesome Gifts?

Choosing the right canning jar for preserving requires a methodical approach. Choosing a jar for gift giving also requires thought, but it is more about fun. 

How the gift looks in the jar can be just as important as what is in the jar when giving a gift! You can add ribbons or fabric to the jar and make it pretty, but the canning jars available today look so beautiful on their own, decorations aren’t necessary. 

You can choose your jars one of two ways. 

  1. Choose a jar that you love and then decide what to put in it. 
  2. Decide what you will be giving as the gift and find a jar that is suitable. 

I personally like method number one. It is the best way to encourage yourself to be creative and invent a gift based on the jar you choose. Here is a list of my six favorite jars for gifts and a few ideas for what to put in each one. Be adventurous with flavorings and scents. A homemade gift is something personal so it should be unique to you or the gift recipients taste.

1) Ball® Elite Pint Jar

ball elite pint jar for homemade gift making

Ball’s fancy version of its practical canning jars. Ball Jars are affordable and Made in the U.S.A. The wide mouth is perfect for scooping out small amounts at a time. Some things I love putting in these jars include homemade bath salts and sugar scrubs; however, you can put nearly anything in these jars. Check them out.

2) Weck Mini Jars

weck mini jars for homemade gift making

Probably my favorite jar for gifts. These mini jars come in a variety of shapes and are the perfect size for a gift. Some things I love putting in these jars include homemade lotion, perfumed salve, lip balm, and homemade spice mixes. Check them out.

3) Ball® Quart Wide Mouth Jar

ball quart wide-mouth canning jar for homemade gift making

Again, Ball jars are affordable and Made in the U.S.A. The quart size is just right for a cookie or soup recipe that serves four. Some things I love to gift in these Ball jars include all-dry-ingredient baking mixes, homemade cocoa mix, and any other dry mixes or foods. Check them out.

4) Weck Asparagus Jars

weck asparagus canning jar for homemade gift making

The Weck Asparagus jar is designed for just that, preserving asparagus. So, that tall, round shape gives a contemporary look to any gift and is perfect for longer items. Some longer items that I love gifting in this Weck Asparagus jar include homemade bread sticks or biscotti, round cookies stacked beautifully, homemade pasta or anything else that looks nice in the tall slender shape. Check them out.

5) Fido Storage Jars

fido storage jar for homemade gift making

Fido Storage Jars come in super large sizes and have a clamp lid that is great for opening and closing often. I love these jars for gifts like homemade herbal teas, homemade bath tea and wrapped candies or truffles. Check them out.

6) Ball® Quilted Jelly Jars

ball quilted jelly canning jar for homemade gift making

These jars are made with tempered glass so they can stand the heat of melted wax. They also have a unique exterior that looks elegant and adds interest to a candle. These jars bring a festive decorative look to things like homemade candles, jellies and jams, and more! Check them out.

Have Fun & Give an Awesome Gift!

These are just a few out of hundreds of homemade gifts you could put in a canning jar. Not to mention all of the homemade liquors, hot sauces and vinegars you could make and give in beautiful glass bottles. Finding the right vessel for your gift is the part where you can be creative and have fun.

Not sure what to make for your homemade gifts? You can search the web and find tons of ideas on gifts suitable for jars. If you are still not sure what to to make, find a class in your area on gift making. Homemade gifts are becoming more popular and classes are “sprouting up” everywhere on subjects ranging from making your own homemade liquors and vinegars to holiday baking and candle making.

Mountain Feed & Farm Supply has every jar under the sun for your holiday gifts. Remember, we are busting at the seams with excitement about preserving and we have the right jar and the know-how to get you on your way to that big “WOW, YOU MADE THIS?” moment.

Over to You...

It’s part of our mission here at Mountain Feed to help you make delicious, sustainable, homemade food more often. Stop by and say hello on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Or, as always, you can do it the old fashioned way and come by the store to speak with one of our in-house experts.

If you are not familiar with the water bath canning method watch our water bath canning video workshop. Always make sure you are following all safety guidelines outlined by the USDA when canning anything. Keeping a great journal leads to delicious results! Get inspired by new recipes, expert articles and homemade food adventures in our Monthly Journal.