Dried Persimmons - An Easy Winter Snack

What You'll Need

  • Fuyu or Haichiya persimmons, sliced


how to make dehydrated persimmons

1. Wash and Slice the Persimmons

how to make dehydrated persimmons

Wash the persimmons.

Fuyu or Haichiya will both make delicious dehydrated slices; if using Haichiya, choose fruits that are fully orange but not as ripe as you would choose for fresh eating; they need to be firm enough to slice. The astringency that is unpleasant to taste in an unripe fruit disappears during the dehydration process.

Slice the persimmons about 1/8" thick. Since persimmons have no core to speak of, you can slice all the way through the center, and enjoy the whole fruit! There is a lovely star shape at the center of each persimmon.

2. Dehydrate

how to make dehydrated persimmons

how to make dehydrated persimmons

how to make dehydrated persimmons

Dehydrate on screens in the dehydrator, at about 135 degrees, until the slices are dry, slightly tacky to the touch but not sticky. This should take around 6-8 hours.

3. Store and Enjoy

Store the slices in mason jars, where they will keep for 6 months or more.

They make a lovely addition to trail mix and quick breads, and can also be snipped into smaller pieces and added to salads, or even vegetable dishes like roasted brussels sprouts, where their bright sweetness is a welcome foil to the hearty vegetable.

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