Pickle Packer - All Natural Wood Muddler for Pickles & Sauerkraut

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  • The Pickle Packer has been specifically designed for small-batch fermentation of sauerkraut and other veggies in both wide-mouth and regular-mouth mason jars.

    Measuring 10" tall, 2.5" at the wide end and 2" at the opposite end, our unique design allows both ends to be used for packing vegetables for your ferments. This allows the Pickle Packer to be used in a wide variety of fermenting jars and containers.
  • Made from all natural acacia wood
    Double-sided design fits both wide-mouth and regular-mouth mason jars
    10" tall, 2.5" at wide end, 2" at smaller end
    Care Instructions: Hand wash with warm soapy and water only. Occasional oiling (using food-safe mineral oil)
    Helps remove air and draw out moisture to get your ferments off to a good start
    Specifically designed for small-batch fermentation in mason jars and fido jars
  • The benefits of eating pickled and fermented foods are too many to list! Eating fermented foods can lead to better digestive health, save money on the grocery bill & cut down on waste. With this wooden muddler, you'll be adding an essential tool to your pickling & fermentation equipment set. Enjoy the benefits of eating pickled and fermented foods - learn more about fermenting & pickling your own food here!