Ferment'n Mason Jar Fermentation Kit

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  • Ferment’n is a two-part system for making home fermentation easy and fun.  Using a ceramic weight and screw-on airlock, you can create delicious and quick recipes with your favorite vegetables and sea salt. And because it fits on any wide-mouth jar, you can try as many unique recipes as you have jars. Ferment’n is small-batch and simple, meaning that you can experiment and have fun with the whole family. Includes 1 Ceramic weight and 1 two-piece airlock.
    1. Choose some yummy veggies (Cabbage! Green beans! Turnips!)
    2. Add sea salt or seasonings (use a trusted recipe based on the jar size you are using)
    3. Put them in any wide-mouth jar
    4. Drop in the ceramic weight and push. Make sure the veggies are below the “brine line” and that they stay there throughout Fermentation. You’ll want to push down the weight with clean hands from time to time.
    5. Add water into the airlock chamber, place on top of the jar, and screw in place with jar ring
    6. Leave in a cool, dark spot (out of direct sunlight) and let the Ferment’n begin
  • Not only are pickled & fermented foods delicious, but eating them can lead to health benefits. Pickling and fermenting food at home allows you to have fun making delicious homemade food at a low cost. Learn more about fermenting & pickling your own food here!