Awesome DIY One Gallon All Grain Beer Kit

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  • This kit includes everything you need to make one gallon of your own American Pale Ale. This all-grain organic ingredient kit makes ten 12 Ounce bottles of finished beer. 
  • 1 Organic Pale Ale ingredient pack
    1 4 oz. packet PBW powdered cleaner/sanitizer
    1 one gallon glass jug with cap
    1 musting cap with airlock hole
    1 airlock
    1 stick on thermometer
    1 one oz. organic corn sugar
    1 bottle filler
    3 feet plastic tubing
    1 Auto Siphon racking cane
    1 Bottle capper
    10 Bottle caps
    Recipe and instructions
    FREE Grain Steeping Bag

    Bottles not included
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