Canning Funnel with Headspace Measure - Canning Equipment

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  • This canning funnel ensures every last drop of your preserves are collected when filling jars. The durable, stainless steel frame rests on standard wide mouth mason jars and offers headspace measurements for filling precision. 
  •  Fits standard and wide-mouth mason jars
     Headspace measurements ensure accurate filling
     Funnel stays eleveated when resting on counters for less mess

    PP and Stainless Steel
    Dishwasher Safe
  • Canning and preserving your own foods is a tried and true method to enjoy healthy, fresh food all year long at an affordable cost. Whatever preservation method you choose, the benefits of canned food abound. You'll have a pantry full of fresh, convenient food all throughout the year. You'll also save money not buying expensive out of season food items, as well as have the confidence of knowing exactly what is in the food that you and your family eat everyday. Did we mention it's a whole lot of fun too? Learn all about canning and preserving your own food here!