Beginning Beekeeping Intensive Series - 3/24 and 4/21

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Part One: Lecture 3/24 @ Mountain Feed, 10am-2pm

Topics to be covered:

  • Equipment & personal protective gear selection
  • Frame & foundation options
  • Hive placement & positioning
  • Basics of care
  • Bee breeds & starter colony options
  • Biology & life cycle
  • Basics of care
  • Mite & pest management
  • Feeding & nourishment
  • Organic vs. conventional beekeeping

Part Two: Apiary 4/21 @ Karla's Apiary, 10am-1pm

Hands-on in the apiary and hive exploration.

Personal protective gear is required.

Topics to be covered:

  • Lighting a smoker and keeping it lit
  • Understanding the ‘how, when & why’ of hive inspections
  • External hive inspection
  • Internal hive inspection
    • Royal court Identification
    • Brood life cycles
    • Assessment of available food
    • Assessment of colony strength and health
  • Spring feeding demonstration
  • Package introduction overview
  • First six weeks of new colony care

Please bring water and a snack if you want. Wear light-colored clothing, long pants, and sturdy close-toed shoes or boots.

Apiary classes are warm weather dependent. In case of rain, those days will be rescheduled. Students will be notified by email of any changes.

Apiary days are in extremely high demand and space is very limited. Refunds on classes will not be given without 72 hours notice.