IN STORE SHOPPING: We are open for shopping from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm daily, allowing a limited number of customers into our store at a time. 

Our new entrance is on Highway 9.

If you are willing, able and self sufficient to come shop in person, please take the option to do so during those times so we can serve our higher risk community members with curbside pick up. We will be enforcing all state and local guidelines.  We do not have a public restroom.

PHONE ORDERS: Our phone-in order hours are 10:00 am - 5:00 pm daily. Call (831) 336-8876 and choose option 5. We have 10 phone lines which are constantly ringing. Please continue to try your calls until you reach a person if you prefer to phone in your order. Alternatively, curbside pick-up orders can be placed via our contact form.

Please only utilize our curbside pick up form below if you are high risk or need to avoid shopping in public for other reasons. NOTE: Due to demand, at this time, we are requesting 2-4 days to fill your order.

CURBSIDE PICK UP ORDERS: Curbside pick-up orders can be placed via our contact form.

QUESTIONS?: Email via our contact page if you have questions. 

Thank you for your support and cooperation.