Bringing the Harvest Home: Preserving Tomatoes 8/11/18

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Bringing The Harvest Home
These classes are a new format for us this year, though we will bring the same old-fashioned knowledge and clear explanation to bear on the process. The goal of these classes will be to facilitate relationships between farmers, markets, and home-preservers, as well as fill local pantries with peak local produce for use all year long. Participants in the new class series, called Bringing The Harvest Home, will receive discount pricing on flats of farm-fresh produce, as well as equipment and supplies necessary for preserving in bulk; think flats of jars and canning kettles, carboys and airlocks for fermentation. These are longer classes, lasting 2 hours, and will be held on-site at Mountain Feed and Farm Supply. On the day of the class, we will demonstrate a recipe designed for large quantities of staple foods; Canned Tomatoes, and Hard Apple Cider. The Farmer’s Market will deliver flats of fresh produce to the site on the day of class, so that each participant goes home empowered with a recipe, a flat of produce, and the tools and skills they need to preserve the bounty of the season in bulk. Whether you’re gifting jars of jam for the holiday season, these classes will launch you confidently towards a season of preservation and food security. Each class is $60.00, and pre-registration is required. Sign up early, as space is limited.

Preserving & Canning Tomatoes
Held at Alba Schoolhouse
This class will walk participants through the basics of canning whole tomatoes, from blanching to remove skins, salt and acid parameters, and the water-bath canning method, as well as discussion of food safety and alternative tomato recipes such as soup, tomato paste, ketchup and tomato sauce.