A Cocktail Set - The Mason Shaker & Shake Recipe Book

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  • Create beautiful cocktails with the functional and inventive Mason Shaker cocktail shaker and Shake cocktail book.

    Inspired by the classic southern icon, the Mason jar, the Mason Shaker is a unique four-piece cocktail shaker that harkens to American eras past.

    Shake is a unique cocktail book that expresses our seasonal and straightforward approach to drinks and entertaining, and reminds us that mixing cocktails should be simple, social, and, above all, fun. Our genuine hope is that this book inspires you to take delicious cocktails out of the bar and into your hands -- and helps you do just that.

  • Cocktail Shaker: Glass mason jar, high quality stainless steel shaker pour cap and lid
    32 Ounces
    Shake - A New Perspective On Cocktails
    Paperback - Authors, Eric Prum & Josh Williams
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