May 2017: Fruits and Flowers, Flatbreads and Fish



We had April showers, oh yes we did. And the May flowers are here, as foretold by the adage of old. They bloom every year, and for a long stretch of months, to be sure, but there’s something about this year in particular, that has us especially appreciating them. The long winter, perhaps, or a hunger to find beauty in troubled times? Or maybe it is the flowers themselves, those masterful manipulators of desire; neither insects nor hummingbirds nor humans can entirely resist their charms. Why try?

The Edible Petal

rose sugar

Yes, flowers are the bee’s knees. We lift our glass to them. A glass rimmed in bee pollen. (We lift our glass to bees, too.)

Bees Knees Cocktail

bees knees cocktail


We put gin in our cocktail…we put beer in our crackers! These are so simple, so crunchy, so good…the recipe doubles easily, by the way.

Crunchy Beer Flatbreads
beer flatbreads



Put some gravlax on that cracker! It’s salmon season, after all, and the pink flesh of the salmon is one of our most precious local treasures. Handling a silver-scaled, sunset-pink piece of salmon for this recipe truly engenders respect and appreciation for the fish, its life, its beauty…and yes, its flavor. Instead of the traditional dill, we used fir boughs in this recipe, for a truly local infusion of flavor. Although, if you trace the history back far enough, the conifer needles are very traditional, indeed. This recipe is a blend of old and new, delicious through the ages.

Gravlax (Cured Salmon)



It’s spring, it's spring, oh it is spring. How good does it feel, to be outside in the garden, with the sun on your back, and the soil still damp from the late rains? Worms, roots, bees, and we are rejoicing. Here’s what we’re up to lately...

Garden Notes: Orphan Strawberries, Bolting Kale, and Other Beloved Imperfections


There’s a lot to learn, in the garden, in the kitchen, and all around. We’re always learning, ourselves, and we’re so pleased to share what we’ve gleaned with you. It’s a process that works both ways, of course; your questions and curiosity guide our further explorations. Here’s the latest offering of classes, down at the Feed and Farm…and Beyond.

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