March 2017: Sizzle and Soufflé



It’s become something of a tradition (and by that, we mean we did it last year) to base our March Journal on the concept of breakfast. Because it’s the most important meal of the day? Well, perhaps, but it’s also because this time of year is all about beginnings. The spring is springing along springily, all as fresh as spring can be. The earth is cool and green and wild with flowers, and the bees that huddled close all through the winter are zooming through the air, as busy as only a bee can be, when the weather suits. They are gathering pollen and nectar to feed the rapid increase in population that is necessary every year around this time. Gardeners may be full of thoughts of summer vegetables, but the time is not yet ripe for all but the earliest of crops, peas and asparagus, the stalwart winter greens and roots. It's time to start some seeds, though! The weather warms, and shines, and clouds, and rains again. Nothing is settled, yet, but so much is possible. There’s work ahead, to be sure, but no sense doing it on an empty stomach, now.

Pull up a chair in the kitchen while we cook breakfast today. Cradle a warm beverage in your hands, and breathe it all in, the smell of cooking food, the day unfolding outside the door, the seeds buried in the ground. The blessings of four walls, food and fire.

Or maybe you are the one who wears the apron, who garnishes the plates with love and care, who fills and empties the pantry and the garden of their treasures. In either case, we are glad of your company on this morning, and so many others.

Amazing Pan Cake of Indeterminate Origin

dutch baby

You know what is delicious on a Pannakkakku? Jam. Berry Jam. This one’s easy, made from frozen berries, but no less special for the simplicity.

Frozen Berry Jam


Sure, we all love to eat bacon. It’s the candy of meat. But trust us when we say, you haven’t really eaten it until you’ve made your own. We’re sorry/not sorry to say, regular bacon’s never gonna be as good again, once you’ve tasted these 2 recipes. 

Makin' Baconhomemade bacon



We love, we love, we love, a good jar of kraut. But do you know what we love even more? Finding new and creative ways to incorporate fermented foods into our meals, aside from the usual garnishes and sides. This recipe is a new favorite, because it is so very different from how we usually use kraut, so different and so delicious. 

Rutabaga Sauerkraut (Sauerruben) Latkes



The garden is at an ebb, now, no matter how passionately we feel about kale. Even the most avid of winter gardeners must admit that nothing can surpass the fervid abundance of the summer crops. Still, there’s much to do this time of year, as we ready the ground for the season ahead, and start seeds of our most beloved summer crops. Yes, it is already the time to consider starting many crops like peppers, eggplant, onions, and celery, just to name a few…

Notes from the Garden: Seed Starting Basics

seed starting


With a good foundation beneath your feet, may your house weather all storms. With a good breakfast in your belly, may you face your day with fortitude and good cheer. With good light and a little warmth, may all your seeds germinate and sprout from the dark earth. With good luck and good care, may your garden bear riches and your kitchen yield treasures to share.KEEP JAMMIN

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