2015 Purple American Heritage Collection Jars!

The 2015 Purple Heritage Collection Canning Jars by Ball

We're all super excited about Ball's third addition to their awesome colored canning jar line, the American Heritage Collection. This year they chose a gorgeous, deep royal purple to complement the vintage blue and spring green colors from the past two years.

Get your favorite grape jelly, blueberry jam, and other berry-licious preserve recipes ready to can in these beauties! Not to mention they'll be a perfect vessel for floral arrangements on your table, or a fun set of drinking jars.

The Purple Heritage Jars Are Now Available!

You can pre-order the new 2015 Purple American Heritage Pints or Quarts today (all pre-orders will ship on January 28th).

Want to learn more? Read on for a little history surrounding this unique line of historic home canning jars from Ball...

Note: The jars will not arrive for in-store purchase until Saturday, Jan. 24th. Pre-order them online or visit us on Saturday. Thanks!

An Historic American Canning Tradition

In 2013 Ball marked their 100th anniversary of the development of a series of jars, designed by the Ball brothers, each intended to be better than the one before. Here's a little timeline of the development of these historic jars...

  • 1913 saw the launch of the first true “Perfect Mason” jar
  • The "Perfect Mason" jar was followed in 1914 by the “Perfection”
  • Then came the “Improved” in 1915. You'll see the word "Improved" written across the 2015 purple heritage jars.

About this Year's Purple Jars

These limited edition Purple Heritage Collection Wide Mouth Quart & Pint Jars are a celebration of American home canning heritage. They feature a period-inspired purple color, embossed logos on front and back, and the words "Improved" across the front. These jars maintain all modern Ball jar standards for quality and reliability. Perfect for all of your creations, gift giving, or as a collectable item!

These unique purple canning jars are the third installment in Ball's American Heritage Collection series, with the Blue jars and Spring Green jars released in 2013 and 2014, respectively. They're, as always, Made in USA and each set contains 6 Wide Mouth Quart or Pint jars with lids and bands.

Order the Purple Heritage Collection Jars Today

We're happy to say that these timeless and historic collectable purple jars are now available in our store and in our online shop! If you're a home canning enthusiast, adding these Heritage Collection jars to your home canning quiver is an easy decision. They're perfect for gifts, dry goods, and any other unique uses that you can dream up.

Want the Whole Ball American Heritage Collection?

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