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Starter Culture - Yogurt Vegan
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Starter Culture - Yogurt Vegan
Price: $11.99

A blend of lactic acid bacteria specifically selected for use in making dairy-free yogurt. This culture has a mild yogurt flavor with a smooth texture and slightly weak viscosity. Ideally suited for soy or rice milk.

This is a direct-set yogurt starter and cannot be recultured (see below).

  •     Vegan non-GMO Yogurt Starter
  •     For use with non-traditional milks such as soy milk, rice milk, and nut milks. (Please note, while rice milk and nut milks can be      cultured, they often won't thicken and additional thickening agents may be needed to obtain a yogurt-like consistency.)
  •     Requires a yogurt maker or similar heating appliance
  •     Direct-set yogurt starter
  •     Contains 8 packets; each packet makes 1-2 quarts yogurt