Porcelain Pickling Weight for Fermenting in 1 Gallon Crocks

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  • When culturing vegetables in a brine solution, a weight and cover system is necessary. Once you fill your vessel with vegetables, you will need to find a weight that fits inside. Vegetables in brine will eventually float to the top during the fermentation process and exposure to air will make them grow mold so to keep them submerged under the protection of their juices and brine requires a weight. Weights are sold based on the size of pot they fit in. This porcelain crock weight is for use fermenting in a 1 gallon crock.
  • 1 porcelain pickling and fermentation weight. For use with 1 gallon crocks.
  • The benefits of eating pickled and fermented foods are too many to list! Eating fermented foods can lead to better digestive health, save money on the grocery bill & cut down on waste. With this pickling weight for a 1 gallon crock you're guaranteed to easily enjoy the benefits of pickled and fermented foods. Learn more about fermenting & pickling your own food here!